Arena Press Release

For Immediate Release:

December 10, 2017

Class A Boys Final:
Lincoln Northeast defeated Columbus, 227-166
Lincoln Northeast defeated Columbus, 216-199
Lincoln Northeast defeated Columbus, 193-172
Lincoln Northeast wins match over Columbus, 3-0
Lincoln Northeast wins back to back Class A Boys NHSBF State Championships.

Attendance: 85

Class A Girls Final:
Grand Island defeated Fremont, 162-146
Fremont defeated Grand Island, 172-162
Fremont defeated Grand Island, 171-161
Fremont defeated Grand Island, 190-169
Fremont wins match over Grand Island, 3-1
Fremont wins 2nd Class A Girls NHSBF State Championship

Attendance: 85

Class B Boys Final:
Seward defeated Gretna, 189-170
Seward defeated Gretna, 162-154
Seward defeated Gretna, 174-154
Seward wins match over Gretna, 3-0
Seward wins Class B Boys NHSBF State Championship. Last State title 2002.

Attendance: 95

Class B Girls Final:
Waverly defeated Lexington, 160-152
Waverly defeated Lexington, 146-103
Waverly defeated Lexington, 1267-130
Waverly wins match over Lexington, 3-0
Waverly wins Class B Girls NHSBF State Championship.

Attendance: 87

Class C Boys Final:
North Bend defeated Burwell/Ord, 213-170
North Bend defeated Burwell/Ord, 267-181
North Bend defeated Burwell/Ord, 199-140
North Bend wins match over Burwell/Ord, 3-0
North Bend wins Class C Boys NHSBF State Championship for the 5 straight year.

Estimated Attendance: 105

Class C Girls Final:
Broken Bow defeated Burwell/Ord, 161-143
Broken Bow defeated Burwell/Ord, 199-169
Burwell/Ord defeated Broken Bow, 164-119
Broken Bow defeated Burwell/Ord, 132-118
Broken Bow wins match over Burwell/Ord, 3-1
Broken Bow wins Class C Girls NHSBF State Championship

Estimated Attendance: 97

Class D Boys Final:
Plainview defeated Ravenna, 152-126
Ravenna defeated Plainview, 188-137
Ravenna defeated Plainview, 167-151
Ravenna defeated Plainview, 157-137
Ravenna wins match over Plainview, 3-1
Ravenna wins Class D Boys NHSBF State Championship

Estimated Attendance: 85

Class D Girls Final:
Ravenna defeated Plainview, 116-85
Plainview defeated Ravenna, 177-110
Ravenna defeated Plainview, 172-115
Ravennna defeated Plainview, 122-120
Ravenna wins match over Plainview, 3-1
Ravenna wins their first NHSBF State Championship

Estimated Attendance: 65

The Nebraska High School Bowling Federation’s mission is to provide all High School students with an opportunity to experience the spirit of team competition and community pride while participating in a lifelong sport, while at the same time elevating the sport of bowling through a state recognized varsity level bowling program for high school students.

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