District Results and Scores

The NHSBF would like to thank the following 2017 District Tournament Directors:
Class A:  Jim Walker, Bernice & Ron Phillips
Class B:  Michael Ricchiardi & Michele Kelley, Kendra & Rich Soderholm
Class C:  Randy Dodge, Justin Provence & Phil Tablazon
Class D:  Micheal Brown

2017 Fall Season District Results

Class A: A1B-A1G, A2B-A2G
Class B: B1B-B1G, B2B
Class C : C1B, C1G, C2B
Class D: D1B-D1G

2017 Class A Boys
2017 Class A Girls
2017 Class B Boys
2017 Class B Girls
2017 Class C Boys
2017 Class C Girls
2017 Class D Boys
2017 Class D Girls

2016 Class A Boys Results
2016 Class A Girls Results
2016 Class B Boys Results
2016 Class B Girls Results
2016 Class C Boys Results
2016 Class C Girls Results
2016 Class D Boys Results
2016 Class D Girls Results
2015 Class A Boys Results
2015 Class A Girls Results
2015 Class B Boys Results
2015 Class B Girls Results
2015 Class C Boys Results
2015 Class C Girls Results
2015 Class D Boys Results
2015 Class D Girls Results

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