Rules and Regulations

To represent a high school in interscholastic competition, a student must abide by eligibility rules of the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation.
If you do not understand a summary of these rules listed below or you need an explanation of other requirements consult the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation.

  1. Student must be an undergraduate.
  2. Student must be enrolled in at least 20 hours per week and regular attendance, and maintaining a “C” grade average with no failing grades.
  3. After student’s initial enrollment in grade nine, he/she shall be ineligible after eight semesters of school attendance.
  4. Student must have been enrolled in a public school the immediate preceding semester.
  5. All activity participants must have received 25 semester hours of credit the immediate preceding semester and must currently be taking 30 credit hours of instruction each week.
  6. Once the season of a sport begins, a student shall compete only in athletic contests/meets in that sport, which are scheduled by his/her school or coach. Any other competition will render the student ineligible for the remainder of the season in that sport. The season of sport begins with the first date of practice as permitted by Nebraska High School Bowling Federation.
  7. A student shall not participate in a contest under an assumed name.
    8. A student must maintain his/her amateur status.
  8. A student who transfers from one high school to another within the same district without an accompanying change of domicile by his/her parents becomes ineligible for interscholastic varsity competition for ninety school days.

Eligibility Determinations

The Nebraska High School Bowling Federation Board of Directors shall determine eligibility.

Athletic Information

If the student, parents, coach, bowling proprietors, or athletic trainer feel that the student in not in good physical condition, participation will not be permitted.
In case of injury received either in practice or in a game, the bowling centers will endeavor to furnish temporary first aid only. The bowling center cannot perform or be held responsible for any medical attention, which might be required, nor can it assume or be liable for loss or damage suffered by reason of injuries to pupils. If, in case of injury the parent or the family physician cannot be located, the coach is authorized to use their best judgment in obtaining competent medical care and service. Parents are obligated to pay for professional medical and/or related services; the coaches, bowling centers, or school shall not be liable for the payment of such services.


Participation in these activities involves the potential for injury, which is inherent in all sports. Even with the best coaching, use of the most advanced protective equipment and strict observance of rules, injuries are still a possibility. On rare occasions these injuries can be so severe as to result in total disability, paralysis, or even death

Due Process for Co-curricular Activities

Students may be suspended by the Coach, Bowling proprietor or his/her designee from practices or participation in interscholastic competition or participation in co-curricular activities for violation of rules and standards of behavior adopted by the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation.
If the affected student, the student’s parents or guardian are not satisfied with the determination by the activity sponsor or coach, a hearing may be requested. However, the student will remain suspended from activity pending the outcome of the hearing.