Code of Conduct


Pupils participate of their own accord and with their parent’s knowledge and consent.
The following conduct shall constitute grounds for suspension from practices, participation in competition or other participation in on going activities. When such conduct occurs on school grounds, or during an educational function or event off school grounds or off school grounds during the season of the bowling activity.

  1. Willfully disobeying any reasonable written or oral request of a school staff member or the voicing of disrespect of those in authority, (Coaches, Asst Coaches or Bowling Centers staff).
  2. The use of violence, force, coercion, threat, intimidation or similar conduct in a manner that constitutes a substantial interference with school purposes.
  3. Sexually assaulting or attempting to sexually assault any student, school employee, or any coaching staff or bowling center staff.
  4. Willfully causing or attempting to cause substantial damage to private or school property, stealing or attempting to steal private or school property of small value.
  5. Causing or attempting to cause physical injury to a bowling center employee, coaching staff or to any student.
  6. Threatening or intimidating any student for the purpose of, or with the intent of obtaining money or anything of value from such student.
  7. Knowingly possessing, handling or transmitting any object or material that is ordinarily or generally considered a weapon.
  8. Engaging in the selling, using, possession or dispensing of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, narcotics, drugs (other than those prescribed by a physician), controlled substances, inhalant, or being under the influence of any of the above, or possession of drug paraphernalia.
  9. Failure to report for the activity at the beginning of each session; reporting for one activity may count as reporting on time if there is a change in activity within the season approved by the coach or supervisor.
  10. Failure to participate in regularly scheduled classes on the day of an athletic/activity event.
  11. Failure to attend all scheduled practices and meetings. If circumstances arise to prevent the participant’s attendance, the coach will determine the validity of the reason. Every reasonable effort should be made to notify the coach or supervisor prior to all missed practices, meetings or competitions.
  12. Truancy or failure to attend assigned classes or activities.
  13. Tardiness to school assigned classes or assigned activities.
  14. The use of language either verbal or physical, which is profane or abusive to student’s coaches or staff members.
  15. Public indecency as defined in Nebraska statutes
  16. Good sportsmanship shall be observed during practice sessions and contests.
  17. Repeated violation of any of the rules adopted by the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation, the school district or the school attending.
  18. Engaging in any other unlawful activity as determined by the United States or the State of Nebraska.
  19. Dressing in a manner wherein such dress is dangerous to the student’s health and safety or to the health and safety of others or is distractive or indecent or the extent that it interferes with the learning and teaching process.
  20. All reasonable rules or regulations adopted by the coach or supervisor of a co-curricular activity shall be followed provided that participants shall be notified by the coach or Bowling Centers of such rules and regulations by written handouts, posting on bulletin boards, or verbal announcements prior to competition.
  21. Failure to comply with any rule established by the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation, including but not limited to, rules related to eligibility.
  22. Uniform shirts are the property of the Nebraska High School Bowling Federation, and WILL be turned in the last night of formal competition. Uniform shirts will be worn during all competitions, (inner City and Tournaments). Bowlers will not be allowed in the bowling area if they are not in uniform, till the uniform shirts come in each athlete will be allowed to wear respectable shirts or T-shirts at the coaches’ discretion.
  23. Students maybe required to purchase their own equipment.
  24. Students will be responsible for their own transportation to and from all matches. In the event an out of town tournament, they will be responsible for their own transportation, meals and lodging.
  25. Spectators are not permitted in the bowler’s area and respectable fan behavior is expected. Irresponsible behavior as determined by the coaches’ can result in the removal of the spectator.
  26. Allow the coaches to do their job. If the Coach is having difficulty getting your athlete on track, the Coach will ask for assistance. Coach’s decisions are final and binding.
  27. The Nebraska High School Bowling Federation Board of Directors will decide rules not covered herein.