Coach Certification


Dear NHSBF Coach,
On behalf of the more than 1200 high school students that are participating in high school bowling statewide, I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’. It is hard to believe that we have more than 100 teams competing statewide, along with the nation’s only televised high school arena finals. We could not have done it without your support.

As the focus of our mission, we are continually striving to attain NSAA status as a varsity recognized program. To help facilitate this goal, we are going to address some of the concerns that we have heard from the high school administration, and it mainly centers around coaching.

All head coaches must attain NHSBF certification status. In order to attain certification, a coach must;
• Attain ASEP certification – This is an online program, with a cost of $72, that is a minimum requirement of the Nebraska Department of Education.
• Attain USBC RVP certification – This is the Registered Volunteer Program of USBC, with a cost of $22.50. Details available at
• Have a minimum coaching certification of any;
o USBC Bronze Level
o Dick Ritger Bowling Academy Level II
o NHSBF Coaching Certification

As I have indicated in the past, we hope that you have developed your bowling booster club by this point, as the costs for attending this programs should be passed along to the booster club.
At least one coach must be “NHSBF Certified” prior to district competition. Any team that does not have a NHSBF Certified coach will NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE IN DISTRICTS.

Thank you again for supporting Nebraska High School bowling.


John Losito,
NHSBF Commissioner