What Supporters Say

Loud and clear

Student participants and their parents are passionate about the sport of bowling. Here’s what they have to say:

“It gets me out of the house and keeps me active. I would finally be recognized in my school as an athlete. It would be great to have some recognition and support for all of our hard work.” – Tyrel Schaffert, Aurora High School

“When the varsity team won as State Runner-Up, the team had no home for its trophy. The school would not display it because it is not a sanctioned sport.” – Deb Auch, Parent

“Bowling has been very good for our son. It has helped him build confidence and focus on schoolwork. The improvement that he has made from the time he started bowling to where he is now amazes me.” – Andrea Loneman, Parent

“Bowling is as much a part of my high school experience as cross country, track, or baseball. To have bowling recognized by the state would give me and my fellow athletes the opportunity to be recognized for our abilities like all other high school athletes.” – Josh Cox, Mount Michael Benedictine High School

“Bowling should be considered a school sport because everyone has to work together to be a team. It’s the one and only sport I enjoy doing and feel comfortable with.” – Whitney Medley, North Star High School

“Gaining the respect and being considered a real sport would mean a lot to bowlers.” – Chelsey Mero, North Star High School

“I always say, ‘Bowling saved my son’s high school education.’ Before bowling, my son missed a lot days of school, and I worried about him not graduating. Then he started bowling for Waverly. He never missed another day that year, he started smiling more, and he seemed genuinely happy about going to school.” – Irene Marcussen, Parent

“High school bowling has been my life for the past three years. More students would want to participate in bowling if it were recognized by our school.” – Ashley Bonebright, Lincoln High School