Steps Already Taken

NHSBF timeline

February 1992 – The first state championship tournament is held at Western Bowl in Omaha. Omaha high school teams had to earn a berth in this event, but other teams could directly enter.

July 2002 – The Nebraska High School Bowling Federation (NHSBF) is formed by John Losito, Les Amory, Denny Grover, Steve Sempeck, and Rodger Stroup. Using Iowa as a model for organization and bylaws, this group appointed John Losito as Commissioner and named five District Commissioners to handle the local competition across the state.

July 2002 – The NHSBF meets with the NSAA’s Bob Colgate to discuss the process for gaining NSAA recognition.

November 2002 – The first ball of NHSBF competition is thrown, and the inaugural season ended with 61 teams competing.

February 2003 – The first NHSBF state championship tournament is held at Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln. The second season ends with 74 varsity teams competing.

June 2003 – The NHSBF enters into an agreement with Dynothane, becoming one of the first states to develop a discount program for its athletes.

October 2003 – Season begins with more than 100 varsity and junior varsity teams competing.

February 2004 – The NHSBF state championship is conducted in the nation’s first high school arena-style finals.

February 2006 – The NHSBF state championship is televised for the first time on NET2.

October 2007 – USBC CEO Roger Dalkin visits Omaha for a series of town hall meetings designed to bring the local bowling communities together in support of high school bowling. The meetings are well-attended and play an important role in educating the local bowling community on the benefits of supporting high school bowling.

February 2008 – The NHSBF state championship is televised on NET1, highlighting the results of the competition of 85 varsity teams.