NSAA Sanctioning Process

Now is the time to get bowling sanctioned as a varsity sport by the NSAA. Here are the steps to achieve this goal:

  1. At least one athletic director needs to sponsor a motion for bowling to be proposed as a sanctioned varsity sport during at least one of the district meetings in November (there are six districts).
  2. A supportive athletic director needs to fill out a form requesting that bowling be considered as a sanctioned sport and submit it to the NSAA prior to November 1 of the year it is to be considered. The form can be filled out and submitted using the secured administrator’s login on the NSAA Web site in order for a proposal to be considered at any of the six district meetings.
  3. A proposal for bowling to be a sanctioned sport needs to pass at least one district meeting. The proposal needs a majority acceptance vote of member schools at a minimum of one of the district meetings.
  4. Upon the majority approval of member schools from at least one district, written proposals presented that day by the respective Board of Control member may be added to the meeting agenda for the meeting in January.
  5. All proposed changes receiving a majority vote at the first district meeting in each district shall be forwarded to the NSAA Executive Director by December 15. The Executive Director will compile all proposals received from all districts and send the accumulated proposals to all member schools for local study.
  6. At the second district meeting of athletic directors in January, all proposals submitted during the first district meeting are reviewed and voted upon. The minutes of this meeting are to be forwarded to the NSAA Executive Director. If a majority vote is passed by a minimum of three districts, the proposal moves on to be voted on by the Legislative Commission.
  7. Once a proposal moves on to the Legislative Commission, it needs at least five of the twelve votes to move on to the Representative Assembly for final consideration.
  8. Once it moves on to the Representative Assembly, a proposal needs at least three-fifths of the Assembly to accept the proposal.